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Zoysia Sod

Why Choose Zoysia Sod?

Zoysia grass is attractive, versatile, tolerant, and a common-sense sod choice that makes it a good option for many parts of the United States.


Unlike many other types of grasses, Zoysia sod can tolerate wide variations in temperature, sunlight, water, and soil. Due to this, it flourishes in the transition zones and southern parts of the United States. It is the preferred choice for many homeowners, as well as golf courses. It is usually found in tee boxes, fairways, and well-maintained lawns of homeowners. The grasses have a finer texture, soft feel, and a low growth habit. Zoysia sod will stay green much longer than other types of warm-season grasses.


It’s great for high traffic areas and requires less mowing, water, and fertilization. While it may not be less vulnerable to pests and fungus, it does have stolons and rhizomes so it has a greater ability to recover from the damage.

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