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Tall Fescue Sod

What Is Tall Fescue Sod?

Tall Fescue sod and grass are a cool-season grass that will grow quickly in the spring and fall and slow down and stop growing in warm summer months. Tall Fescue sod is great for residential lawns, commercial landscapes, corporate landscapes, roadsides, medians, and parks. It can also be used for turfgrass needs from the Atlantic to Charlotte to Raleigh and northwards.


It’s best for cool temperatures and in those climates to provide an attractive year-round lawn. It thrives in the shade so it’s not meant for lawns and areas exposed to too much sun. It gives the lawn a dark green color and has a medium texture. It’s tolerant of moderately moist soils but it should be kept away from standing water.


Tall Fescue sod establishes easily and the extensive root system can reach much deeper than other cool-season grasses. This helps with drought tolerance and heat. It can adapt to different soil types and usually requires less fertilizer.

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