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Transform your outdoor spaces in Norfolk Virginia with Sod Delivery Norfolk Virginia, your premier choice for top-quality turf solutions.


Experience the excellence of Latitude 36™ Bermudagrass, a premium sterile triploid hybrid developed by Oklahoma State University, perfect for lawns, golf courses, and athletic fields.


Choose NorthBridge™ Bermudagrass sod for sports fields, golf course fairways, and lawns, boasting exceptional shear strength and traffic recovery.


Celebration Bermudagrass Sod with its dark blue-green color, slow vertical growth, and remarkable drought tolerance.


Embrace the future of drought-resistant and sustainable turf with TIFTUF™ Bermuda.


For Zoysia sod, thrive in the deep south's climate with Empire Zoysia, the first-ever zoysia grass variety adaptable to the region's conditions. Enjoy the beauty of Meyer Zoysia, creating a dense turf with remarkable wear and cold tolerance.


Zeon Zoysia is a low-maintenance grass that requires less water and fertilizer.


Emerald Zoysia is known for its dark green color and soft texture, with excellent heat and drought tolerance.


St. Augustine sod is a hardy, low-maintenance grass recommended for coastal locations, and it adapts well to moderately shaded areas.


If you're considering Tall Fescue sod in Virginia Beach area, you've made an excellent choice. Tall Fescue thrives in the moderate climate, offers rapid growth during cooler seasons, and exhibits impressive drought and heat tolerance, making it durable and wear-resistant.

At Turfs Up Contracting, we take immense pride in offering top-quality turf solutions, perfect for Virginia Beach's unique climate.


Contact us today for Sod Delivery Norfolk Virginia, schedule an estimate, and discover the beauty and benefits of our turf offerings. Let us create a new and beautiful lawn that you'll cherish for years to come!

Our main business is yard preparation and sod installation. We are not offering delivery only service right now. Thank you!

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