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Sod Delivery

When to Get Sod Delivery

Choosing the right company for sod delivery is important in order to make sure you have a quality end result. Sod shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision and it’s important to do your research.


Quality Process: The right company for where to buy sod should have a thorough process in place. If you are using the same company for sod delivery and installation then there should be several steps taken before the sod is installed. Herbicides can be used to rid the area of any unwanted growth and weeds. Any old sod should be removed. Avoid using a company that just wants to simply mow the existing grass before laying any new sod on top as a one-size-fits-all process.


Agree on the Terms of the Job: When buying sod Chesapeake residents need to agree on the price. Not only will the price of sod delivery vary depending on what you need but also so will the cost of installation. The company should come to your home, measure the lawn, and determine the process that the job will require. It helps to know the climate and condition of your yard so you are buying the right kind of sod as well as the right amount. Costs will differ depending on the preparation work and the process. It should be a red flag if you are asked to pay a large amount upfront. An installation company is not a maintenance company and you shouldn’t expect ongoing service. For sod Chesapeake residents need to take care of it on their own or use another company.


Low Price Usually Means Low Quality: The phrase "you get what you pay for" is true for sod. A lot can go into the installation job and there is usually a reason for offering the lowest price. It’s best to pay more to get the job done correctly instead of having to pay again to fix it.


Choose Local: The money you spend locally helps your local economy but it can also minimize the amount of travel, which is good for the environment. There can be a lot that goes into transporting sod and the less time sod spends on the truck, the better. Shorter transportation times can help with your cost. Locally sourced sod will have a relationship with the climate that is going to be growing in. By choosing a local source, it’s unlikely to accidentally introduce any invasive species or pests into the area during sod delivery.

Our main business is yard preparation and sod installation. We are not offering delivery only service right now. Thank you!

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