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Sod Grass

Picking the Right Sod Grass

When choosing sod Norfolk residents need to pick the right grass for their yards.


Installing high-quality sod grass can be the best way to get a gorgeous lawn, which doesn’t require a lot of upkeep. There are some questions you need to ask yourself before you have sod installed and you begin your sod prep.


Do you live in a transitional climate zone? A transitional zone usually experiences cold winters that can kill any warm-season grasses and hot summers that will kill any cool-season grasses. It can be challenging to grow sod in this type of climate. The southwest is known for transitional seasons and requires grasses that can handle both humid summers and cold winters. There are different varieties that do work well in these regions. For example, Zoysia grass can be recommended. This type of grass has the ability to grow during the warm months and then goes dormant during the colder months. Grass that is drought-resistant and able to handle heavy foot traffic is usually necessary. The more specific you can be about your weather patterns, the more likely you can choose the right sod grass for the yard. Always talk to a professional if you are unsure.


What type of soil do you have? Before choosing sod Norfolk residents should have an idea of the soil type. The soil type will also play an important role in sod prep. Perform a soil test. A soil test can determine the nutrient requirements before having sod installed. A good rule of thumb for sod prep is to make sure the soil has an aerated base with a pH level of 5 to 7.5.


How much shade do you need? You should know how much shade the lawn gets. A yard that gets just partial shade versus full shade means a world of difference. Some turf types will grow better in shady areas compared to others. Check if the shaded area of the lawn has any weeds growing there. This can help you determine whether you need shade-tolerant grass. It’s also necessary to be aware of the shade when it comes to watering. Watering areas that are more difficult, such as under trees and on slopes, requires more attention if you want the best results. You need to make sure the area will be easy to water.


Is there an irrigation system? Once your sod grass is installed you need to maintain it if you want to continue to keep it looking good. Watering the lawn is essential but this can be a difficult task. You can choose to install sprinklers or an irrigation system in the lawn with timed activity for the proper needs of your sod.

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