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Sod Delivery Services for do it yourself installs


Doing It Yourself? Delivery Only is Available!

We offer a variety of different Sod, and can deliver to your home or business.

Choices include Bermuda’s, Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede and fescue Bluegrass blends for those folks who want to do it themselves.


We welcome and will help advise you if you choose this option so you can choose the best sod grass for your home and your personal preferences.


Varieties of Sod Available:
Tall Fescue, Hybrid Bluegrass, Compadre Zoysia,
Zeon Zoysia, Jamur Zoysia, Empire Zoysia,
Diamond Zoysia, Celebration Bermuda, Patriot Bermuda,
Tifway 419 Bermuda, Palmetto St. Augustine, Raleigh St. Augustine
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Sod Delivery Chesapeake VA, Sod Delivery Norfolk VA, Sod Delivery Virginia Beach, SOd Delivery Suffolk VA, Sod Delivery Moyock NC, Sod Delivery Williamsburg VA, Sod Delivery Hampton VA, Sod Delivery Newport News VA, Sod Delivery Richmond VA...

Turf's Up Landscaping uses only the finest quality sod grass from specialty grass farmers. Our high quality sod is a mixture of Kentucky bluegrass or fescue and we use only the finest top soils, to insure that your new lawn is rich and healthy.
Once the sod grass has been laid Turf's Up Landscaping will take all precautions to insure that your new lawn stays perfect. We'll fertilize and arrange watering to assure a strong growth start and if necessary apply lime and grub killer.
TALL FESCUE: Our Confederate Superior Sod Blend Tall Fescue, a blend of Wolfpack, Coronado Gold, and Endeavor fescue, varieties that were developed in North Carolina to better withstand the heat and humidity of the Mid-Atlantic, results in a cool-season grass with dark green color, good density, and more extensive root system than other lawn grasses. This mixture brings together three of the most disease resistant varieties available. It is well adapted to cold winters and hot summers. Tall fescue is a good selection for a wide variety of uses including residential and commercial landscapes.
TIFWAY 419 BERMUDA: A warm season grass which is dark green, dense, and low growing via rhizomes and stolons. Its root system is extensive and deep. It is best adapted to warm climates with excellent heat tolerance up to 110 degrees. It performs best during periods of heat and needs full sun to maintain turf-type quality. Tifway 419 has a winter dormancy period. Tifway 419 is an excellent choice for fairways, sports fields, residential, and commercial landscapes. It delivers excellent performance at close mowing heights and offers rapid generation from divots and sports activities.


ST. AUGUSTINE: St. Augustine is a hardy, low maintenance grass that is best suited for well drained soils. It is more frost tolerant than Centipede, Zoysia, and Bermuda thus holding its color longer. St. Augustine recovers well from wear or minor scalping as it sends out runners to repair bare spots. St. Augustine adapts to moderately shaded areas receiving 4-5 hours of direct sunlight. St. Augustine exhibits excellent salt tolerance making this grass a recommended choice for coastal locations. 
CENTIPEDE: Centipede is a slow-growing, creeping grass with short, upright stems growing 3-5 inches that require less mowing due to its slow growth habit. It is a warm season, uniform growing, medium to light green colored grass that is is widely adapted to acidic soils of low fertility. Centipede has a winter dormancy period. It requires very little maintenance. Low fertilizer requirements can be met with a yearly application. Centipede is grown is extensively in Southeastern United States. Centipede is best when mowed 1-1.5 inches.


CELEBRATION BERMUDA: A warm season grass which is blue-green in color, dense, and low growing via rhizomes and stolons. Its root system is deep and extensive.Celebration exhibits superior cold tolerance when compared with many other Bermuda grasses as well as offering some shade tolerance. Celebration has a winter dormancy period. Intervals between moving are longer than Tifway 419 due to prostate growth habit thus reducing maintenance costs. Celebration is an outstanding choice for fairways, sports fields, residential, and commercial landscapes. Celebration delivers excellent performance at close moving heights and offers extremely rapid generation from divots and sports activities  


Zeon Zoysia creates an extremely compact and shade tolerant lawn that will naturally inhibit weed production.
Determined to be the first choice for zoysiagrass fairways. Zeon Zoysia has established itself as the preferred premium home-lawn selection due to its extremely low maintenance and fertility requirements.

For a new and beautiful lawn call Turf's Up Landscaping today.
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Our main business is yard preparation and sod installation. We are not offering delivery only service right now. Thank you!

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