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Sod Installation

What Is the Best Time for Sod Installation?

A sod supplier in Virginia Beach, VA provides a mature lawn that has been professionally cultivated and grown and cut into thick rolls to become an instant new lawn. Sod can take up to two years to mature but care must be taken during the sod installation process to get results.


Since sod rolls are living and breathing entities you need to have a delivery from your sod provider scheduled so it can be laid quickly. It’s best in the early morning hours. Sod should be installed about 24 to 72 hours after it is harvested. You can tell when fresh sod is ready for installation when it is moist and not dry or hard to the touch. Grass blades should feel cool and be a dark green. If you can't do sod installation immediately then lay out pieces in a shady location and keep them moist with sprinkles of water.


You can’t put sod on any soil and expect it to grow. The ground where the sod will be placed should be prepared. Remove any debris from the area, along with weeds. The soil should be watered to make sure it’s not compacted. Drainage should be addressed to avoid any puddling in low areas. Soil deficiencies and improper pH levels should be corrected to encourage root growth.


Sod can be laid during any time of the year. However, the best time for sod installation is late summer and early fall when temperatures are cooler and the grass continues to grow. Spring is the second-best time to install sod and is a good time for any warm-season grasses. You want to avoid installing in the summer since there will need to be extra water and it could result in disease. In order to encourage growth, the area should be watered but not be soaking on the day before installation. More water is needed during hot weather so roots don’t become dry.Benefits of Going to a Sod Farm in Virginia Beach


At a sod farm Virginia Beach residents can get specially designed and managed sod. Sod farms specialize in just that crop. While some grow only one type of sod, others can grow several types that are good for the particular area. Each farm will have a unique way of handling sod, which can set it apart from others in the area.


Many sod farms will only deliver within a set distance because of the crop health risk. Sod is considered delicate so it needs to be handled with care. By shopping at a sod farm Virginia Beach residents can know that their sod is handled with the necessary care in order for it to grow and turn into a beautiful lawn.


Sod farms try to be as organic as possible and when the crop is ready to be harvested, it is done so with the right specialized tools in order to ready it for shipping.

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