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Bermuda Sod

Benefits of Bermuda Sod

With so many different sod options in Virginia Beach, VA you may want to consider Bermuda sod for its many benefits.


Implements Quickly: In order to make sure your Bermuda sod starts to grow quickly, you should install it in the spring season when temperatures are warm. With warm temperatures and plenty of moisture, the sod will start growing very quickly.


Thrives in Sun and Heat: This grass is more likely to thrive and grow in warmer temperatures. If your yard gets a lot of sun then it’s a good option for you. Bermuda sod requires full sun to grow, which is different than other grasses that may need some partial shade.


Doesn’t Require a Lot of Water: Watering the lawn is important but too much watering can be expensive and time-consuming. Bermuda sod doesn't require as much water to thrive so it’s efficient and affordable.


Easier to Maintain: When compared to cool season grasses, Bermuda sod is easier to maintain since it's capable of taking over other weeds.

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