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New Irrigation System Installation

Using a Professional for New Irrigation System Installation

The right drainage systems ensure your investment, such as your landscape or lawn, is sustained and nurtured. When it comes to the professionals you are going to work with on new irrigation system installation, expertise and qualifications matter. Certified professionals have demonstrated the expertise to assess specific needs and design and install drainage systems that suit the needs of your landscape and maximize your water savings. You want to make the most of your investment and need someone with the knowledge of how to correctly assess the water needs of your property, how to design an efficient system, and also instruct you on proper use.


Start by checking the professional’s qualifications. A professional should be able to tell you about references, formal training, and certification. These items can show you there are basic skills and knowledge required for the job. If your contractor has an IA certification it means the contactor passed exams that demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the right irrigation practices. A contractor should also have a basic business license and provide proof of their licensing and certifications.


When seeking someone for a new irrigation system installation, get more than one bid so you can compare the work offered and prices. Request the bids be in writing and make sure the bids include all the details, such as product brands. Remember the lowest bid is not necessarily an indicator of the best value. Once you choose a contractor for your drainage systems you should insist on a written contract. It should include the identification of work, a description of work that will be done, the materials used, details on work guarantees, and payment arrangements.

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